VIM PRODUCTS Vim Half Cut Stubby Bit Set VIMVHC77

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VIM Half Cut limited access set, includes 77 pieces all bits 5/8" long.íëí_íë__íëí_íë_íëí_íëí__íëí_íë__í_Œ‚íëí_íëí_íëí_íë__í_퉒Çíë_íëí_íë__íëí_íë_íëí_íëí_íëí_íë___íëí_íë__íëí_íë_íëí_íëí___ Includes: Torx, Torx Tamperproof, Torx Plus 5 point and Torx Plus 6 point, inch and metric hex, phillips and flat tip as well as XZN spline drive bits. This set is perfect for hard to get to fasteners and will be used in all applications.