LISLE Inner Tie Rod Tool LIS46600

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Features and Benefits

  • Works on both inner tie rods with the round end socket or the type with the flats up to 1-31/64".
  • Works on many Chrysler applications, Ford and Nissan with the non-flat round end socket.
  • Comes with 1/4" short head hex wrench.
  • Use with 1/2" drive.
  • Speeds tie rod replacement time

Removes Inner Tie Rod equipped with a completely round end socket. Also fits Inner Tie Rod Sockets with flats up to 1-31/64". The wrench head has three set screws that tighten against the rounded tie rod socket or socket flats. No flat applications include many 2000-2003 Chrysler products and many Fords and Nissans. Comes with a 1/4" short head hex wrench for tightening set screws in hard to reach areas.