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Universal Hub Puller Hd With Plate Otc6574

Universal Hub Puller Hd With Plate Otc6574

$ 149.13

Features and Benefits:

  • The 'Final Answer" to frozen hubs, axle shafts, and other tough pulling applications
  • Adjustable sliding legs can be positioned anywhere
  • Wide range of 4_ѝ to 8_ѝ+ bolt circle
  • Forged puller assembly with 1_ѝ drive screw capable of 20 tons of force
  • Drive screw approved for use with an impact gun and can be struck with a hammer

Pulling plate allows for quick attachment and an even pull on the popular 5 bolt hubs with 4"-5" bolt circles. Additional puller legs may be added to the center hub for special applications. Optional puller wrench see 32942.

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