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Swivel Nozzle Lin81387

Swivel Nozzle Lin81387

$ 59.53

Features and Benefits:

  • Extension for manual or air operated grease gun
  • Maximum working pressure 4500 PSI
  • Strategically placed coil spring provides push/pull grip and prevents accidental "kinking" which could cause hose ruptures
  • Length: 12"
  • ̻‰ۢ_̻‰ۢ_̻‰̻ۡ_̻‰ۢ_̻ÌÇÌÓ__?̻‰ۢ_̻‰ۢ_̻‰ۢ_?ÌÇ?‰ۢ__?å£?-27 (m) x ̻‰ۢ_̻‰ۢ_̻‰̻ۡ_̻‰ۢ_̻ÌÇÌÓ__?̻‰ۢ_̻‰ۢ_̻‰ۢ_?ÌÇ?‰ۢ__?å£? NPT (m)


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