J S PRODUCTS (STEELMAN) Steelmanpro Smartear Lite JSP91925

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Features and Benefits

  • Turns Smart Device into a sound and vibration detection system
  • Diagnose location of unwanted squeaks, noises, and rattles
  • Sound level reading displays average, peak, and real-time values
  • Sound level readings are displayed in analog or digital
  • Download the app for free

Smart Ear Lite by Steelman PRO is designed to turn your smart phone or tablet into a diagnostic sound detection device. Simply purchase the hardware and download the free app, and squeak, noise, and rattle detection becomes a breeze. Smart Ear Lite comes with a sound wand, aluminum probe, ear buds, dual plug dongle connector, and a nylon storage zipper pouch. The app shows real time, peak, and average decibel levels displayed in analog or digital.