SAVE PHACE "Skeletor" I-Series Efp Welding Helmet SPC3012466

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Features and Benefits:

  • The first and only welding helmets in the world with an internally adjustable 2 X 4 ADF set in a shade 10 passive lens for 180 degree vision the instant your arc is struck
  • One of the highest rated ADF's in the world
  • Internally adjustable ADF 4 / 9-13 with grind mode
  • One of the lightest welding helmets in the world with 9 way adjustable halo for the ultimate in comfort
  • Some of the best looking graphics available anywhere

The new EFP I-Series welding helmets from Save Phace incorporate the worlds first and only internally adjustable ADF into a shade 10 passive welding lens so that you have 23 square inches of ear to ear vision once you strike your arc.ξ The ADF has internal adjustments from grind mode to 4 / 9-13 and a free clear grinding lens is also included with each helmet expanding the utility and value of these helmets even further.ξ The sleek EFP design with its face forming profile allows access to the tightest of locations, and the light weight with a fully adjustable halo makes this one of the best looking and most comfortable welding helmets on the market.