SAVE PHACE Rfp Helmet 40Vizi4 Series Captain Jack SPC3011698

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Features and Benefits

  • 1st and ONLY Welding Helmet in the world that offers you an adjustable 4 sensorŒæ4/9-13 ADF (Auto Darkening) integrated into a 180ŒÁ Lens design giving you ear to ear vision when welding
  • ADF features: internal adjustments, 4 Sensor, fully automatic, grind mode, sensitivity, delay controls, grind flash indicator, low battery warning
  • Face forming profile that lets you get into tight spaces
  • Round profileŒælets hot air escape easier making it 6 degrees cooler than other helmets
  • World's lightest helmet
  • New articulating multi point adjustable halo headgear
  • Lower profile than any other helmet in the world