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51 Piece 1/4 Drive 6 Point Sae/Metric Socket Set Kdt80300

51 Piece 1/4 Drive 6 Point Sae/Metric Socket Set Kdt80300

$ 67.29

Features and Benefits
  • Ratchet features low profile head for greater access
  • Ratchet features flush mounted reversing lever for greater access
  • Set includes a second ratchet (1/4" drive thumb wheel ratchet) for more versatility and added value
  • Full range of 1/4" drive sockets - complete coverage with no missing sizes
  • Includes 1/4" Universal Joint for added value
51 Piece 1/4" Drive 6 Point SAE/Metric Socket Set includes 3/16" - 9/16" Standard and Deep Sockets; 4-5.5mm, 6-15mm Standard and Deep Sockets; 1/4" Drive Full Polish Teardrop Ratchet, 1/4" Drive Thumb wheel Ratchet, 2" and̻‰ۢ_̻‰ۢ_̻‰̻ۡ_???_ 6" Extension, and Universal Joint packaged in a blow mold case.̻‰ۢ_̻‰ۢ_̻‰̻ۡ_???_ Entry angle guides fastener.̻‰ۢ_̻‰ۢ_̻‰̻ۡ_???_ Serrated depth as deep as the fastener.̻‰ۢ_̻‰ۢ_̻‰̻ۡ_???_ Large hard stamped identification.̻‰ۢ_̻‰ۢ_̻‰̻ۡ_???_ Double line (SAE) and knurled line (Metric) to easily identify SAE vs. metric sockets.̻‰ۢ_̻‰ۢ_̻‰̻ۡ_???_ Made of 6130 Alloy steel and full polish nickel chrome plated.

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