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1 Drive Impact Tools Display Kti0849

1 Drive Impact Tools Display Kti0849

$ 1,348.95

Features and Benefits:

  • Exhibit maximum quantity of quick-selling products in a minimum amount of space
  • Allow stores to expand their tool offering without investing large sums in inventory or floor space
  • The display measures 23.5" x 32"
  • Easy to set up
  • Ships with all need tools, overlay and hardware (hooks, bars, fasteners, etc.)

KTI0849 1" Impact Tools Display product contents include:
KTI35005Budd Wheel service Set ?̴Ìà?__?̴Ìà?__?_̴å«?å± 5 Piece
KTI350077?̴Ìà?__?̴Ìà?__? Extension
KTI3501313?̴Ìà?__?̴Ìà?__? Extension
KTI350241?̴Ìà?__?̴Ìà?__? F x ??__?̴Ìà?__?̴Ìà?__? M Adaptor
KTI3502613/16?̴Ìà?__?̴Ìà?__? SQ BDWHL
KTI3502713/16?̴Ìà?__?̴Ìà?__? SQ x 1-1/2?̴Ìà?__?̴Ìà?__? Hex
KTI3502813/16?̴Ìà?__?̴Ìà?__? SQ x 1-1/2?̴Ìà?__?̴Ìà?__? Hex Deep
KTI35124??__?̴Ìà?__?̴Ìà?__? Short
KTI3512613/16?̴Ìà?__?̴Ìà?__? Short
KTI351287/8?̴Ìà?__?̴Ìà?__? Short
KTI3513015/16?̴Ìà?__?̴Ìà?__? Short
KTI351321?̴Ìà?__?̴Ìà?__? Short
KTI351341-1/16?̴Ìà?__?̴Ìà?__? Short
KTI351361-1/8?̴Ìà?__?̴Ìà?__? Short
KTI351381-3/16?̴Ìà?__?̴Ìà?__? Short
KTI351401-1/4?̴Ìà?__?̴Ìà?__? Short
KTI351421-5/16?̴Ìà?__?̴Ìà?__? Short
KTI351461-7/16?̴Ìà?__?̴Ìà?__? Short
KTI351481-1/2?̴Ìà?__?̴Ìà?__? Short
KTI351521-5/8?̴Ìà?__?̴Ìà?__? Short
KTI351541-11/16?̴Ìà?__?̴Ìà?__? Short
KTI351581-13/16?̴Ìà?__?̴Ìà?__? Short
KTI351601-7/8?̴Ìà?__?̴Ìà?__? Short
KTI351642?̴Ìà?__?̴Ìà?__? Short
KTI351662-1/16?̴Ìà?__?̴Ìà?__? Short
KTI351722-1/4?̴Ìà?__?̴Ìà?__? Short
KTI351782-7/16?̴Ìà?__?̴Ìà?__? Short
KTI351842-5/8?̴Ìà?__?̴Ìà?__? Short
KTI351963?̴Ìà?__?̴Ìà?__? Short
KTI3523333mm HEX BDWHL
KTI352341-1/16?̴Ìà?__?̴Ìà?__? Deep
KTI3523535mm HEX BDWHL
KTI352361-1/8?̴Ìà?__?̴Ìà?__? Deep
KTI3523838mm HEX BDWHL
KTI352401-1/4?̴Ìà?__?̴Ìà?__? Deep
KTI3524141mm HEX BDWHL
KTI352421-5/16?̴Ìà?__?̴Ìà?__? Deep

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