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1 1/4 Big Bubba Life Guard Bub175994

1 1/4 Big Bubba Life Guard Bub175994

$ 47.07

Features and Benefits:.

  • Protects your Bubba Rope from coming in direct contact with hard or abrasive surfaces during your recovery process
  • Custom made to snuggly fit around your recovery rope
  • Prolong the life of your Bubba Rope and add a Life Guard to your recovery rope kit
  • Dimensions:??_?’Çíëíæ?__ 2' x 9"
  • High performance chafe guard

Bubba Rope Life Guards are the towing accessories that you don't want to be without.??_?’Çíëíæ?__ At some point in time, your rope will come in contact with abrasive edges and surfaces. These high performance chafing guards help save wear on your rope to help you get the most out of your Bubba Rope investment. They're offered in applications for use with the Lil' Bubba, Big Bubba, Jumbo Bubba, and original Bubba ropes.

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