SOLDER-IT Multi-Funct Heat Tool Kit SOIPRO180K

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Features andξBenefits:

  • Equivalent to a 185-watt soldering iron, 2500F Torch
  • Powered by refillable Patented Liquid Energy Cell (LEC)
  • No cords, can be used anywhere
  • 2 hours run time on each refillable LEC
  • Ready to use 30 seconds after ignition

Kit includes: 1.8mm Conical Tip, 7 mm Chisel Tip, Blow Torch Head,ξ 2 Refillable LECs, Hot Air Blower with Deflector, Stainless Steel Cleaning Brush, Solder Sucker Tool, Wire Cutters, Coil of Solder, Tub of Flux, Tip Cleaning Sponge, Spare Orifice Assembly, Heavy Duty Professional Case,ξ Spare Parts Compartment and Complete Instructions