ELECTRONIC SPECIALTIES Fundamental Electrical Troubleshtg Book- 200 Pages ESI182

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Features and Benefits:

  • 200 Page Guide to every aspect of electrical troubleshooting
  • Written by a mechanic for real world, hands-on testing
  • Batteries/Testing explained - Relays - Potentiometers - Resistors - Solenoids - Voltmeters explained - Finding shorts to ground
  • Battery draws explained - Corrosion causes - Voltage drop explained - How-to-read schematics
  • All pages hand written and illustrations hand drawn - it makes a big difference!

Fundamental Electrical Troubleshooting was written to help mechanics better understand electrical troubleshooting.  This 200 page book covers a majority of issues in the mechanic will need to know. This book was written by a leading trainer with over 20 years experience.  Its full of quality advice and reference material.